Los Padres….again :)

  A quick weekend. Lots of driving, because of traffic. But a great trade off. Me and the Kid-O. Beautiful pacific, scenic Nacimiento-Fergusson winding up above the fog. Camping on top off the world (so it seemed), watching the stars in a moonless sky. The Milky Way was awesome!Some light off-roading. Playing in the Nacimiento river, and seeing lots and lots of motorcycles this weekend!!!


Memorial Day weekend 

 Sometimes life’s crazy, and one would say, how am I going to have time for that?!  This Memorial Day weekend consisted of Major freeways,Two lane blacktops, dirt roads, pulling over at 2am to sleep (in the snow), driving after 3 hours sleep and having no control over my emotions as the sun rose over some of the most beautiful scenery I can remember! More dirt roads, walking paths, river crossing (where pants and boots are carried!), car (truck) camping, watching the high mountain weather change from clear skies, to light rain back to a beautiful sunset. Freezing river morning face washes, scenic roads with epic backdrops, snow, rushing rivers, the PCT (only for half a mile), and beauty, beauty, and more beauty!

Get outside! It’s worth it!