Ride more. Think less

It was 2015 the last time I went bike camping (minus that tandem trip. Hoping ferries and islands!). A time when I couldn’t go 2 days without riding. Life was handle bars and tires. Saddles and gears. I was addicted pedaling…

Fast forward to 2017. I felt unrooted. Rushing down the river of life. Sadly focused on small unfortunate events. Not knowing what would happen next. I felt lost. I felt heavy. I’d go weeks without riding. Trying and trying to get back “into” bikes. But it seemed no use. The waters around me were moving too fast and I couldn’t grab hold. People like to give names to things these days. Being overwhelmed, stressed, anxiety, depression. All of the above I’ve felt. And sadly more then I’ve felt the joy of riding.  

But this past weekend a major change has happened. I felt it! The wind in the face. The weightlessness. The ease of travel. The community! Mind you I was in Marin county, bike capital of California. But nonetheless. Strangers ignoring what you look like, and acknowledging a fellow cyclist. Even people who weren’t on a bike smiled ( I’m thinking I should always ride with bags and a tent strapped to the back!). It’s like how it was, again. Life behind bars is good.  And for some, it’s like medicine. 

Ride more. Think less. 


Time n life

Stress and complications. I think it’s safe to say, is something we have experienced. Sadly I feel I’ve had more of it recently then anyone should have to deal with. But, such is life at times. If we can learn from those times, we become more knowledgeable and stronger. 

So keep your dreams on the forefront of your mind, and don’t let your troubles derail you. But. If they do. Remember, with a little help, you can get right back on those tracks!


The weekends Plans of solo 2 wheel travel, dirt and bivy camping. Changed to, 2 wheel travel with a small group, pavement, hot tubing, breweries, and tent camping. Which ended being non of the above. A day trip on 4 wheels to The Redwoods in lots of rain was what was had. 
I forget so quickly how much I love curvy roads. It’s not a speed thing. Just a smooth constant line is such a great feeling. And rain and wind and fog…only make it more of a rewarding feeling! 
Upon reaching the state park, I realized I had forgotten my rain pants. But with some encouragement, I accepted that I won’t stay wet forever. And it was beautiful out! Sometimes a little help from friends is all we need to get by when the unexpected shows up. 
Change is a given. The easier we can deal with this, the easier life is.