Memorial Day Weekend ’17

 Less and less, do I miss my old bike. I’m still super pissed that someone would steel from me ( or anyone!). But I’m realizing with every mile… That it was the wrong bike for me. 367 miles, 2 and half days…

  645cc’s, V-twin, a large gas tank​, 50+ mpg, can cruise at freeway speeds (2 up), and is still fun on twisties!! Yes I have a new Moto. An ’06 DL650. This bike is amazing! It’s like wearing the wrong shoes for months (years) and finally get the right shoes for the job.

  Saturday was spent cleaning the bike and doing minor serving.

 Then riding. And riding some more and riding some more!!!

The next morning was off to Sacramento, via the Delta.


The next morning I had Arlo Guthrie’s​ song stuck in my head, “…I don’t want a pickle”. So there was only one place to go! Alice’s restaurant.


After a great meal it was time for Chaya and I to rest. Road side lodging!

A quick hike right near by…

As we rode West on 34, we hit thick fog and some rain. Overcast skies as we continued north on 1, till just before the Golden Gate. A stop over in Sausalito and then across the San Rafael bridge back to the East Bay. 

A 3 bridge Monday! Such fun, And much needed. It’s really great having a motorcycle that carry two, and to be lucky enough to have such a great partner 😉

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