Los Padres mk2


 Time is a strange thing. Completely made up, Yet we run our lives off it. 

I was planing to return to Los Padres National Forest since last month. It seemed I had a weekend coming up that was available. So I started planing…or riding the roads via Google maps! I even found a deserted mining town (supposedly). 
With hopes of all day dirt roads and ghost town exploration in my future. I was counting down the days. But, there was some really important “chores” that had to get started. So….

No time for a full weekend of fun. No worries. I’ll cram two days into one! It will be great! 
5:45 am my alarm goes off. It’s dark,my bed is warm, shouldn’t I be excited and hop out of bed??

I was on the road about 7:30am. I watched the sun rise up over the Oracle (I’m sure there’s some magical thing here. I’m just not a sports fan) arena. It blinded me with its brilliance. Not much traffic, which was nice. I recently installed aluminum cases on my bike. Its literally a different bike on the freeway! Stable and enjoyable. I also got a gps app running on my old phone. So I could now see where I was, and track my route. The morning was great…a little cold in the face though. My helmets windshield was too dirty to use! When I got gas I cleaned it. Amazing 😉

A little over 2 hours and I was back on the same roads I was riding almost a month ago (but didn’t have enough time then). Entering the route that I exited before. I saw way more signs that read US GOVERNMENT DON’T ENTER on trees by the dirt roads I wanted to explore. A little disappointed, I once again kept riding. As I entered LPNF, I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road. It was gorgeous. The creek was full and rushing. The trees were beautiful shades of green. Moss coated the rocks…I stopped to take pictures, but they didn’t do it justice. 


I could of sat and watched the water rush by all day. But I still had a lot of miles to cover. 

Winding up Nacimiento-Fergusson road was quite fun. At the top I made a left on to one of the dirt roads I had been studying….and. Joy joyful joy! Riding dirt is so great! 

  I followed the road to a dead end and doubled back. Talked to some locals who told me the correct turn, that I had missed. But when I finally got back to the turn, I opted out. I was pretty hungry and it was already past 1pm. Next time!!

Once back on the Tarmac I realized I was extremely hungry. The first restaurant I came across on hwy 1, I stopped at. And lucky me, it was delicious!  

Once full of food, I hopped back on my bike and headed north. Hwy 1 is so fun. As long as there’s no wind, or no (not too many) tourists.  

Carmel came too quickly and traffic followed. Along with me feeling drowsy. I think I pulled over 4 or 5 times on my way home. I ended up taking side roads. They’re way more entertaining, especially if you choose twisty ones. 
I finally made it home. A 12hr day with 9:30 hours of riding. 400+ miles. 

The only thing that was keeping me going, was the thought of a hot bath!