Michigan Tech Trails

On today’s ride we decided to ride road. With talk of a couple dirt trails, and feeling a little hesitant with my rode bike (I know, I must be getting old!).
We took off, with the weather near perfect!
Rolling green farm land Hills, Two lane blacktop as our trial.
This being Jillian’s home terf, she asked me did I want the ride with or without hills, I said Hills! Missing the bay’s elevation, I needed a good lift 😉
After a few miles, we came to the high school. Jillian said she was going to show me a dirt trail she would ride back in the day. Excited to ride some (melo) dirt, I had no idea what was ahead of me.image
As we crossed a rode block, and a sign that read, “no motorized vehicles”. She expanded to me how these trails were used for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and biking. I’m thinking at this point, “that’s great! I know there’s tons of snowmobiles and atvs out here. And here’s a place for the other folks.” the trail was the width of a truck, short green growth down the middle with two parallel hard pack dirt trails (tire tracks). Tall leafy trees shaded us from the 80 degree sun.
We passed by a framed map of the trails, I didn’t look to close. But asked if this trail was as organized/maintained back when she was in high school, she said no.

I was starting to see turn offs, single track that disappeared into the woods. Completely content with the “fireroad” that we’re on, I said nothing and imaged some XCounty ski trails.
We came across a large trail intersection. As I looked to my right, a groomed flow trail came into focus!


For the next bit, pure fun! Rode bike action in the dirt!! My 86 steel trek with 28c schwalbe’s, was great! This was an actual bike park. Miles of single track, flow trails, pump track, the whole enchilada! And boy do I love food!!


My hats off to all those that helped make the Tech Trails such a great place, and helping to keep people riding! And Jillian for taking me on another great adventure by bike!